Oil Service / Vehicleinspection
We know which oil is right for your vehicle and make the oil change after the manufacturer's specifications. We only use high quality oils and replace oil filter and seal for long motor life. Only through regular Service, you retain the value and the function and safety of your vehicle. The certainty that everything is in order is documented with us in black and white and confirmed. We check your car, point by point for proper operation and reliability of all components according to manufacturers' specifications.

Air Conditioning / Check
BE COOL. We examine the operating function, check all the important components and measure the Ausströmertemperatur. And for allergy sufferers, we disinfect on request, for a small fee, the facility during the review. By the way: check-do not let the air conditioner before a long journey in the summer once again that you melt away.

Windshield/ Glass Repair
Stone chip or crack in the windshield? Do not fret, our modern glass repair does the stone chip repair in minutes. The damage is eliminated, without replacing the Windshield. And with partial coverage without additional payment. If a repair is not possible, we will replace the Windshield quickly and Inexpensively, and all According to Manufactur´s Specification with high quality materials.

Spare and wear parts / upgrades
Original or so-called original equipment manufacturers, in our house, you get quality at an unbeatable price. This also applies to so-called Economy parts, we pay special attention to quality of German Manufacture, so that your "good age" price and time value accessible at all times remains functional and road safety, and yet for a long time.
Needs and requirements of the driver change during a vehicle's life. In such situations retrofit solutions are often the best answer. Like all products, our products are very well matched to the needs of your vehicle, even in our retrofits.

Accident Repair / Painting
After an accident, we make your car beautiful again. You can trust the security of the original and you do not make experiments. Damage to body and paint are fixed strictly in accordance with manufacturers' specifications directives with us.

General Inspection/ reports
Our service saves you from annoying formalities, time and effort. Arrange an appointment with us and we let the decrease in general inspection by DEKRA. In the investigation of any defects found we can get immediately in order with you after speech. Even with the decrease of wheels, spoilers or performance enhancements we are your competent partner.

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