Aerodynamics / spoilers
Aerodynamic modifications include since the beginning of the automotive industry, as a technical and visual design tool. The aim is to increase the final speed in accordance with the driveability. The transfer and or understeer can be locked and changed significantly through the targeted shoring of spoilers. If the whole thing still looks AWESOME then we have done our job properly. Ask us, because we have lots of ideas for your vehicle.
Accident Repair / Painting
After an accident, we make your car beautiful again. You can trust the security of the original and you do not make experiments. Damage to body and paint are fixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications with us.
If you wish, we can assist you in claims settlement, which means we give you experienced surveyors and lawyers and communicate with the insurance of all drivers involved in accidents. With the Smart Repair methods can quickly fix minor damage. For example, small dents in the piece parking, rockfall on a highway or a scratch at the gate: We have a coordinated program to these cases for you. For the duration of the repair, you can use our car rental services, so you can continue to stay mobile.

Handicap Reconstruction / Back to Life

Misfortunes or illness are major changes in life. Mobility and independence are extremely important for victims to participate in life. We are able, through personal experience, physical limitations, to compensate by manual and electrical components. Here, the vehicle is as individual as its owner. We take the time and work with you all the necessary components for your vehicle. Quality and safety and blend harmoniously into the vehicle design. Whether hand-held controller for gas and brake or brake-by-wire, with DEKRA we have a partner who is familiar with the legal requirements, so you can legally carefree steer back into LIFE.

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