Accident Repair / Painting
After an accident, we make your car beautiful again. You can trust the security of the original and you do not make experiments. Damage to body and paint are fixed strictly in accordance with manufacturers' specifications directives with us.

Old - Youngtimer / Restoration
The automobile is a cultural asset to its preservation and we are committed. Whether A-like Aston Martin to Z-Like Zastava we Supervise vehicles of all Manufacturer. From the service, to continuous standby, the purchase order in the buyer until full restoration, we offer you everything from one source. Here, the customer for us is always the measure of all things. From the original body with original parts on the use of new materials, such as the use of new steel technology and electronics, to the construction of a modern day automobile in ancient garb, we work with our customers together a complete project.



From the beginning sandblasting to the Final Valuation by DEKRA, we have found partners whose claim equal quality and precession of the Our. 



With the finished product you receive from us not only automobiles joy and fun, you also get an investment property the value of which steadily increases.

TATRA 603-2 YouTube Video after technical Reconstruction by M.I.D

saddlery work

Individuality combined with maximum quality turns your car from a mass-produced product, unique. With technical know-how and masterful craftsmanship, we fulfill your every desire. Whether finest leather or high quality fabric we reshape according to your ideas, the interior. With LED technology, we achieve an interior ambience that is changeable depending on the feel and taste.

Airbrush techniques allow an artful customization. Depending on the style and vehicle image sections of Dahlia can transform up to Meese the interior or the discs to an art opening. Here, there are no limits, because art can do anything.

Phone calls, read emails, listen to your favorite songs 5000 without having a box CDs in your car, or simply order online a few opera tickets - all this is possible through your navigation system, even in older vehicles. Here also, an individual "invisible" installation, for example, at a classic cars is technically feasible.

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