Power is nothing without control, together with our partners we are able to exchange individual parts or components. Also, increases in performance on the change of compression, the timing, the intake and exhaust system are classic methods of tuning. Forged pistons and other components provide more power. Our offer is rounded off by the performance of your engine can be increased many times by different turbochargers, compressors and intercoolers. Whether on diesel, gasoline, hybrid or electric motors, thanks to the latest diagnostic systems, we can read out any error and partly resolve with the support of our partners.

Whether transmission with H circuit part with Shift by Wire, CVT - Multitronik, Tip Tronic automatic or dual-clutch transmission, when parts can be repaired if damaged, then we can do this.

Replacement Parts
Many vehicle parts subject to natural wear and tear. However, "worthless" they will not have. For example, engines and transmissions, and many more components can work up and running like new parts. This saves resources and protects your wallet. The quality of replacement parts is subject to rigorous quality checks and safety tests.

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